About Us

Restore the region.

REBUILD. We know that it is only through deconstructive dialogue that our region can be restored. We must tear down our preconceived notion of what works, so we can discover the ultimate solution for individual organizations.

Join us as we hear from industry leaders on advantages of high performance buildings and address what works when creating the business case for sustainability in organizations. The seminar focuses on the challenges faced from the views of both the design community and include keynote speakers from world class firms, real world case studies, and informative panel discussions.  PDH/AIA/GBCI credits offered.

Equip leaders.

Join our dialogue. We bring the greatest minds together to problem solve and equip each other, so we can create sustainable value in our organizations. Would you like to help shape the conversation? Submit a presentation for review, or register today.

our history

Rebranding from the High Performance Buildings Seminar

In 2011, PEDCO E & A Services had a vision. They wanted to create a space in which Midwest leaders in sustainability, architects, engineers, building owners, etc. could gather and discuss current sustainability issues and trends. At the first High Performance Buildings Seminar in 2012, the desire to educate the region became a reality. Each year, the seminar grew and more attendees benefitted from the imparted knowledge. PEDCO chose a new theme every year to equip and educate the region.

After several years of success and growth, PEDCO asked emersion DESIGN to co-host and help plan the seminar. Excited to advance the mission of the seminar, emersion quickly agreed. Together these architecture and engineering firms hosted the 2018 and 2019 seminars. For the first time in 2018, they created a call for presentations, which invited the best and brightest minds to submit abstracts for the breakout sessions. Pleased with the caliber of presentation abstracts in 2018, the planning committee decided to create a call for presentations again in 2019. These presentations, along with our renowned keynote speakers and committed sponsors, have made the High Performance Buildings Seminar a success. Over the seminar's eight years, the High Performance Buildings Seminar attracted the attention of nationally known speakers, such as Rob Watson, George Bandy Jr., Ed Mazria, and others. 

Despite the success of the seminar, PEDCO and emersion DESIGN wanted to deconstruct the seminar, in order to let it evolve for the better. Through their discussions, PEDCO and emersion found they wanted the conference itself to be founded on a similar deconstructive dialogue. Divergent questions lead to innovation. Therefore, the rebranding process began.

Much has occurred over these last 8 years. The industry's understanding of good design practices continues to grow. High performing buildings are retooled beyond just energy and lean approaches.

Thought leaders are reconnecting with each other.

Occupant health has reformed our design approach.

Material chemistry is reshaping our way of specifying and selecting.

As more organizations understand the true value of high performing buildings, they are reinvigorated and relooking at their standard business practices. 

Districts are reborn with an eye toward a new future.

Cities are rethinking their standard practices.

Companies are reinventing their protocols.

Neighborhoods are being rehabilitated to continue to serve our communities.

In short, this region is rebuilding itself to become the premier, sustainable metro region in the nation with an exceptional quality of life - positioning us to lead into the 21st and a half century.

With this in mind, we have decided to rebrand what was previously known as the High Performance Buildings Seminar to REBUILD. Moving forward, this newly branded conference will be designed to help all of us to continue to: 

REBUILD our thinking.

REBUILD our connections.

And REBUILD our region.